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Holiday tree cutting is open on Camp Guernsey

Camp Guernsey will be offering the Christmas Tree and Firewood cutting program again this year. Sign in has moved online, along with a few other changes.

You must sign in the day BEFORE you plan to cut firewood or a holiday tree.

Sign in is online and replaces calling into the Fire Desk. You can sign in at, or scan the QR code below.

Areas that are closed due to military training will be listed during the sign in. Do NOT enter these areas.

Maps and directions will be emailed to you after you sign in (you may need to check your junk box!).

You will still need to fill out the “Annual Wood Cutting and Removal Agreement” each calendar year. These are now located at Range Guard 4 as you come onto Camp from 270.  Just fill out the highlighted portions and put it back in the box. You only need to do this once a year.

Any further questions can be directed to Cassie Wells at 307-836-7718.