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State Benefits


Earn $500 for your referral

Did you know that you can earn extra cash by referring your friends to the Wyoming National Guard? Take advantage of this exciting opportunity and be rewarded for your efforts! Here’s how it works: when you refer someone who successfully joins the Wyoming National Guard, you’ll receive a referral bonus as a thank you. The bonus is a monetary payment set by the Adjutant General at $500. Read the TAG Instruction below for all the details and required forms.

Military Assistance Trust Fund

Monetary Grants

The Military Assistance Trust Fund provides emergency monetary grants in support of service members and/or families whose financial hardship relates directly to state or federal military duty. Grant applications must be submitted to the affected service member’s unit for consideration. State Rule promulgated by authority of Wyoming Statute 19-7-402(c).


Dependent Care Assistance Trust Fund

Dependent Care Reimbursement

The Military Assistance Trust Fund also provides reimbursement for dependent care expenses incurred by Wyoming Guardsmen during drill periods. This benefit applies to Wyoming Guardsmen in the ranks of E-1 through E-6 and O-1 and O-2. AGRs are not eligible for this benefit. Applications for reimbursement must be validated at the unit level and submitted to family programs. State Rule promulgated by authority of Wyoming Statute 19-7-402(c).

State Approving Agency (SAA)

“The Wyoming State Approving Agency for Veteran’s Education & Training is responsible for approving Wyoming education and training programs for GI Bill® eligibility. “GI Bill®” is the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) registered trademark. More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. Government Website.

The benefits, programs, and services are provided by the State of Wyoming in order to supplement and complement those already provided to service members and veterans by the federal government.

WyNG Educational Assistance Plan (State Tuition)

The Wyoming National Guard Educational Assistance Plan provides assistance for qualified members of the Wyoming National Guard who enroll in institutions of higher education in the State of Wyoming.

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