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These are the most frequently asked questions about Camp Guernsey

Camp Guernsey Joint Training Center hosts all active duty military branches, foreign military units, federal law enforcement agencies, state and local first responders, and civilian enterprises.  The camp also is home to tenant organizations.

Customers interested in using Camp Guernsey facilities, training areas, and other resources can contact our Camp Guernsey Futures Department via email or phone.

Camp Guernsey Joint Training Center has 80,000 acres of training area. It can support rocket and tube artillery, bombers, personnel and equipment airdrops, horizontal and vertical engineers, convoy training, IED familiarization, close-quarters combat, multiple weapons ranges and can support rotary and fixed wing (up to C-17) aircraft. Units training on camp can be self-sufficient, setting up at numerous locations in the North Training Area, or can be billeted and fed on garrison.

Yes! The Broom Creek Hunter Management Area, located on Camp Guernsey Joint Training Center, is open to fishing and hunting turkey, sharp-tailed grouse, doves, water fowl, rabbits, squirrels, predators (during daylight hours), antelope, deer, elk, and mountain lion during the specific species season, as published in current Wyoming Game and Fish regulations. Hunters must check in at Camp Operations to obtain permission and guidelines. Fishing on camp property is managed through the Wyoming Game & Fish Walk-In Fishing Area Program (North Platte River Area 14). Fishing is allowed on the river along Wendover Bend. Fishermen do not need to check in with, nor obtain permission from, the Camp Fires Desk prior to fishing.

Camp Guernsey’s air operations are robust and varied.  We offer restricted airspace R-7001A, B & C up to 30,000 feet; rotary wing terrain flying areas; laser guided munitions; aerial bombing up to 500 lb ordnance; night vision goggle training; 10 drop zones of various sizes; fixed-wing and rotary-wing aerial gunnery; UAS operations with pre-coordination.

Camp Guernsey doesn’t have pre-designated firing points and has the ability to support MLRS; HIMARS; self-propelled and towed 115 mm; towed 105 mm; and 60, 81 and 120 mm mortars. The camp’s North Training Area has a 4,000-acre impact area capable of supporting ground and air assets. Three battalions and a brigade headquarters can train simultaneously.

Camp Guernsey Joint Training Center is the site of a number of environmentally and culturally significant sites. All training must be conducted in a manner which will least endanger the environment while meeting training objectives. Camp customers are briefed on the environmental policies and any restrictions prior to training.

There may be UXO (unexploded ordnance) in Camp Guernsey’s training areas; the most common are artillery and mortar rounds found in the North Training Area. UXO should not be handled. If you see something that you believe to be UXO, report it to camp personnel or local law enforcement. Remember, even if it looks old or harmless, do NOT handle UXO.