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Wyoming Air Guard Benefits

The Wyoming Air National Guard offers many benefits to its service members that include, but are not limited to:

Eligibility for VA Home Loans
Free-Space-Available Air Travel
Military Retirement Plan
(Re) Enlistment Bonus
Base Exchange (BX) and Commissary Shopping Privileges
Legal Assistance
Access to Military Clothing Stores
Official Library Service
Use of Military Recreation Facilities
US Citizenship Eligibility

Wyoming Specific

Education Benefits

Wyoming offers its Air Guard members up to 100% tuition assistance to state colleges and the University of Wyoming.


Wyoming Air National Guard members benefit from an annual life insurance reimbursement from the state for each monthly premium paid during a calendar year.

State Tax Advantage

Wyoming residents benefit from being exempt from state income tax.


Wyoming state employees that serve in the Air Guard get 15 days of military leave per year and have exclusive access to distinctive auto plates. Additionally, Wyoming provides a tax exemption to veterans for vehicles and property.