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84th Civil Support Team

Commander – Maj. Casey Henry

First Sergeant – 1st Sgt. Aaron Benson

The Wyoming National Guard’s 84th Civil Support Team is a 22-person team made of Soldiers and Airmen with a mission to support civil authorities at a domestic chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear, (also known as CBRN) incident site.

The highly specialized training each member receives makes the CST an asset to Wyoming’s response community. They have the skills and equipment to identify CBRNE substances, assess current and projected consequences, advise on response measures, and assist with procuring additional resources.

While the hope is an accidental or intentional release of unknown hazardous material substances never happens, the potential remains a real threat. Each 84th CST member is specially trained as a hazmat technician and to recognize the implications of hazardous material incidents. With our robust identification equipment, and on-site or mobile lab support, we can keep Wyoming’s residents safe when disaster strikes.

Among our mission capabilities are:

Hazmat spills, coroner assistance for chemical ID, active shooter incidents, standby assistance.

Flood mitigation, hurricane response.

Chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear.

White powder, suspicious letters.

Multi-car highway crashes, train derailments, manufacturing plant disasters.