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No Space A at this time 

C130 8 blade over mountains

Welcome to the 153d Airlift Wing Passenger Terminal

The 153d Airlift Wing, Wyoming Air National Guard Passenger Terminal, is committed to providing you with the best possible service. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns during your visit. The Space-Available program is available to all passengers that fall within the categories stated in the Department of Defense Instruction 4515.13, Section 4, Paragraph 4.1.a. Air Transportation Eligibility.

Reminder to Space-A travelers: Remember there is no guarantee you will be selected for a seat. Space-A travelers must be prepared to cover commercial travel expenses if flight schedules are changed or become unavailable to allow Space-A travel (Per DODI 4515.13, Section 4, Paragraph 4.1.a). The DOD is not obligated to continue an individual’s travel or return the individual to the point of origin or any other point. All eligible Space-A passengers must still comply with the travel requirements stated in the DoD Force Health Protection Guidance and the Foreign Clearance Guide. 

Contact Info 🛫

153d AW Passenger Terminal
217 Dell Range Blvd.
Cheyenne, WY 82001                                 Bldg. 37 | Rm 146

PAX Terminal
Comm: (307)772-6964
DSN: 388-6964                                             

Hours of Operation:                                    MON-FRI 0700-1100  | SAT-SUN CLOSED

Travel Links 🧳

Are You Eligible for Space-A Travel? 🤔

Please review Travel Eligibility Categories 1-6 (below) to determine your Space-A travel category.                     

*Children under age of 14 and do not have dependent card, MUST bring birth certificate*

  • Cat 1: Emergency Leave Unfunded Travel                                                                                                                                                                    
  • Cat 2: EML (Active Duty and their accompanied dependents).     
  • Cat 3Active Duty/AGR need to have a Common Access Card and AF Form 988, Leave Request/Authorization       
  • Cat 4: Unaccompanied Dependents on EML or dependents whose sponsor is deployed between (and including) 30 to 364 consecutive days and DoDDS Teachers on EML During Summer
  • Cat 5:  Unaccompanied Command Sponsored and Non-Command Sponsored Dependents of Active Duty, Permissive TDY (Non house Hunting), Students
  • Category 6: Traditional Guard/Reserve required to have ID Card and DD Form 1853, Verification of Reserve Status for Travel Eligibility
  • OR Retired Active Duty/AGR need ID card and any dependents also need their ID cards (Dependent cannot travel alone)
  • OR Retired Guard/ Reserve under the age of 60 need ID – No dependents- Travel only CONUS to CONUS/US territories including        Hawaii and Alaska. 
  • OR Retired Guard/Reserve over the age of 60 need ID – Dependents are allowed to accompany- Can travel anywhere
  • OR Veterans with a permanent service-connected disability rated as total, must have a:
    (1) U.S. USID sponsor identification and privilege card for disabled American veterans
    with “100% DAV” in the affiliation block.
    (2) U.S. USID dependent identification and privilege card for any dependents
    accompanying the member with “100% DAV” in the affiliation block. 

Travel Instructions 🛩

STEP 1.  SIGN UP  In-Person Sign-Up ONLYGo to the PAX terminal and fill out your information on the “Space-A Sign Up Log” to be added to the 60-day standby list.

STEP 2.  PICK A FLIGHT  Once you have signed up, the PAX terminal will contact you using the contact info you wrote down on the sign-up sheet and let you know what flights are available and show times. The earliest time to receive details on a Space-A flight is 72 hours before showtime.

STEP 3:  TRAVEL READY  To be considered travel-ready, passengers must have all required documentation, and all accompanying family members/group members must be present. Check-in at the PAX counter at the showtime given to you. After checking in, passengers will remain in the holding area at the terminal until the aircraft is ready for loading; NO PASSENGER WILL PROCEED ON THEIR OWN!

Luggage 🛄

CHECK-IN: Each Passenger may check in 2 pieces of luggage up to 70 lbs. and 62 linear (length + width + height) inches each. 

CARRY-ON:  Passengers are also permitted one 45 linear inch, hand-carried item, e.g., a small suitcase, garment bag, or backpack. Items that are too large must be checked and will count against the passenger’s checked luggage limit, and one hand-carried personal item, e.g., cosmetic case, purse, or briefcase, is also permitted.  

Note: Luggage allowances may be limited by smaller-size aircraft or other factors. Check with passenger service agents for more information.

Tips for Success 😎

  • All vehicles must be parked in long-term parking before checking in.

  • You must wear appropriate attire, and closed-toe shoes must be worn on the aircraft.

  • Have an emergency contact in mind before checking in.

  • When you land at your destination, go to the PAX Counter, and sign up for your return flight, you are responsible for arrangements to get home.

Transportation 🚕

Enterprise Rent-A-Car:  307-632-1907
Avis Car Rental:  307-632-9371
*Uber and Lyft can pick up at the main gate

Lodging 🏨

F.E. Warren Lodging                                     The Wrangler Bunkhouse            Comm: 307-773-2944  DSN: 338-2944  Hours of Operation: MON-FRI  0800-1700

Still Have Questions?