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Wyoming National Guard: A Legacy of Service and Preparedness

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The Wyoming National Guard, renowned as the vanguard of military readiness and safeguarding Wyoming’s citizens and the United States, boasts a rich history of unwavering dedication to excellence. With its roots dating back to the late 19th century, the Wyoming Guard has become an indispensable asset in our nation’s defense and disaster response efforts.

The Wyoming Army Guard was officially established in 1870. Its first federally recognized unit, Company A, 1st Wyoming Regiment, was founded in 1888, with its first federal mobilization occurring in 1898 during the Spanish-American War. The Wyoming Air Guard was born in 1946 as the 187th Fighter Squadron, with its inaugural activation occurring in 1951 for the Korean War.

Over the years, the Wyoming National Guard has witnessed remarkable growth, transforming into a formidable force. Comprising of dedicated Citizen-Soldiers and Airmen, the Wyoming Guard stands resolute in its commitment to serving both the state and the nation. With a strength of over 2,800, it is an integral pillar of the nation’s defense.

The core mission of the Wyoming Guard is to provide prepared and professional personnel and formations capable of securing victories, enabling competition across all domains, and, crucially, safeguarding lives, mitigating suffering, and protecting property in support of civilian authority whenever called upon by the Governor or President. Its primary objectives encompass:

1. Protecting the lives and property of Wyoming’s citizens during state emergencies.

2.  Assisting in federal missions vital to national security.

3. Nurturing community partnerships and outreach initiatives to promote trust and collaboration.

Fostering strong relationships with the communities it serves remains a top priority for the Wyoming Guard. Through robust outreach programs, educational opportunities, and partnerships with local organizations, the Guard remains an integral part of Wyoming’s communities.

Wyoming is home to an array of army and air units dispersed throughout the state, each playing a unique role in fulfilling the Guard’s mission. Key units include:

— 115th Field Artillery Brigade:  Providing indispensable indirect fire support to ground forces, delivering crucial firepower in support of infantry and armored units on the battlefield.

— 84th Civil Support Team: An instrumental unit in disaster response and recovery efforts, specializing in supporting civil authorities as directed by the Governor.

— 153rd Airlift Wing: Focused on air operations, this unit is pivotal in providing air support and ensuring air superiority.

These units, alongside other vital divisions such as infantry, aviation, engineers, and modular airborne firefighting systems, collectively form the backbone of the Wyoming National Guard. Their unwavering dedication and readiness have earned them accolades and recognition throughout their proud history.

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