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Behind the Uniform: Episode 1

Lt Col Hinkle podcast
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Join us for the inaugural episode of “Behind the Uniform: A Candid Conversation with Wyoming Guard Members,” where we sit down with our first guest, (when recorded) Major Karen Hinkle, now Lieutenant Colonel Hinkle. In this episode, we dive deep into her remarkable military journey as a Judge Advocate in the Wyoming Air National Guard. Tune in as we gain insights from Lt. Col. Hinkle, who currently serves as Senior Legal Counsel for the Wyoming Military Department, and discover the untold stories and experiences that lie behind the uniform.

Hosts Master Sgt. Jacqueline Marshall and Major Micky Fisher in candid conversations as they explore the lives of Wyoming Guard Members, both in and out of uniform. From the Army to the Air Guard, our podcast delves into the personal stories of these dedicated individuals, offering listeners a deeper understanding of their lives, experiences, and unique perspectives beyond their military roles. Listen and get to know the remarkable people behind the uniforms as they share their insights on various topics.