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Home » Tech. Sgt. Danie Moore shines as a dedicated volunteer at the Wyoming State Fair

Tech. Sgt. Danie Moore shines as a dedicated volunteer at the Wyoming State Fair

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Tech. Sgt. Danie Moore is a dedicated production recruiter for the Wyoming Air National Guard. She has also been making waves not only in her military career but as a devoted volunteer at the Wyoming State Fair. Moore, whose recruitment responsibilities span the regions of Lusk, Douglas, Casper, Gillette, South Dakota, and up through Cody, embodies the true spirit of community engagement.

At the heart of the fair, Moore serves as a vital member of the Friends of Agricultural, Industrial, and Recreation Posse, a group of volunteer ambassadors dedicated to supporting the future of Wyoming’s youth through the Wyoming State Fair.

“We help set up the panels for rodeos. We help with the rodeo; we help with mutton busting. We do 4-H and FFA scholarships for first-time exhibitors. If people need rides, we give them rides. We provide water. We’re at the needs of the fair. We’re here from 7 a.m. till close,” Moore explained when asked about her role.

The FAIR Posse is a diverse group of individuals. They are former 4-H or FFA members, ranchers, business owners, and even former National Guard Active Guard Reserve members who volunteer their time.

Moore’s journey with the posse began when she was a 960th Brigade Support Battalion Soldier in Douglas.

“Master Sgt. Douglas Fenton was my readiness noncommissioned officer, and he would ask who wanted to help at the fair. We would get put on orders for the week, and I did that for the entire time I was with the 960th,” She recalled. “Then he said you should come to a FAIR Posse meeting. I started doing that, then I was on the board and then an officer. Being a recruiter now, it’s too much time, so now I just volunteer.”

Moore finds immense joy in her role as a posse member. She enjoys connecting with influential individuals in the fair community and debunking misconceptions about the Wyoming State Fair.

“Having people out and getting to know some of the key influencers of the fair is rewarding,” she says.

Creating a positive and engaging experience for fairgoers is a core mission of the posse. Moore attributes their success to the trust they build within the community.

“Just by the trust that we build. Like everybody that comes every year, those people know to stop at the posse shack here on the midway. They know we have water, they can get a ride, and they know we help with many rodeo events. So, just building that trust in the community,” says Moore.

Balancing her volunteer responsibilities with her role as a recruiter has been seamless for Moore. Posse meetings are held monthly, usually in the evening, which allows her to be flexible with her schedule.

Her presence at the fair also aligns well with her recruiting mission.

“I think it’s great because it’s a state fair. You have the opportunity to get out of your booth and mingle with people and go see the cow shows, pig shows, you get to meet a lot of the educators from all the different counties in Wyoming, and you get to build that rapport and trust with them,” Moore says. “Honestly, I use state fair as getting to meet people and putting the idea of I could join the Guard, whether it’s Army or Air, in their heads. When school starts, they’re like, I saw you at the county fair, or I saw you at the state fair. You’ve already built that trust.”

Moore suggests further increasing the military’s presence, particularly during the rodeo preshow at Military Appreciation Day, to enhance community engagement with the military and the Wyoming State Fair. Last year’s preshow featured a performance from a mounted color guard, a flyover, and VIPs from the military. It was a huge hit. This year’s preshow included a color guard and a re-enlistment ceremony. The Douglas High School band also opened the preshow by playing the “Armed Forces Medley.”

Military Appreciation Day of the 2023 Wyoming State Fair