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2022 Region Six Best Warrior Competition winners announced

Sgt. Tyler Holloway of Sheridan, Wyoming and Spc. Wyatt Walls of Albany, Oregon were announced the winners of the Region Six Best Warrior Competition at Camp Guernsey Joint Training Center, on May 20, 2022. Holloway is a fire support specialist with the 115th Field Artillery Brigade in Wyoming, and Walls is a fire support specialist with Delta Battery, 2nd Battalion, 218th Field Artillery Regiment in Oregon.

After a tough five-day competition, the two came out on top against 12 other competitors from Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming. The states sent their best Soldiers and Non-Commissioned Officers to compete in multiple events that displayed skill in marksmanship, navigation, and other events that demonstrated their knowledge in warrior tasks and battle drills.
“The most difficult part of the competition was probably duration,” Walls said, who won in the Soldier of the Year category. “Most people aren’t used to five days of minimal sleep and maximum effort.”
Each Soldier pushed through the events, even when confronted with things they had never done before, whether operating a new weapon or conducting land navigation on Wyoming’s uneven hills and ridges.
“I can take this information back to my unit and help readiness in the state,” Holloway said, who won the NCO of the Year category. “When I know this stuff, I can teach it to my guys, and then they know it. Suddenly combat readiness goes through the roof.”
Holloway added, “The takeaway from this event was where my deficiencies were. Now for Nationals, I know what I’m good at, what I can brush up on, and the stuff I need to get in-depth and work on.”
The National Best Warrior Competition will be held in Nashville, Tennessee, from July 24 to 29. Although everyone performed well, only two can advance to the next level of competition. Holloway and Walls earned their spots through grit and determination.
“These competitions really get after basic Soldier readiness in the National Guard.” Col. Edward Lewis, chief of staff of the Wyoming National Guard. “The Soldiers and NCOs that go through the competition not only challenge themselves physically and mentally, but they take back good ideas. It’s a collaborative way to share good ideas.”
Sgt. Tyler Holloway
Spc. Wyatt Walls