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Message From The Assistant Adjutant General-Air

On behalf of Colonel Paul Lyman, Assistant Adjutant General-Air, Wyoming National Guard:

Dear 153d Airlift Wing,

Hi, I’m Col Paul Lyman, Commander of the Wyoming Air National Guard.

I want to talk to you about what is happening in our country right now and the senseless killing of Gorge Floyd. I want to tell you my personal thoughts.
You may not agree with what I’m saying, diversity of thought and open communication are good.

I believe there is systemic racism in our society and I think our organization is a reflection of our society.  Therefore, it makes sense that we could have racism within our ranks.

I also believe the individual that committed that disgusting act left a horrible stain on law enforcement and the badge. I believe the vast majority of law enforcement officers are incredible people who have a very important role in our society to protect and serve. To our security forces airmen and our part-timers who are law enforcement officers in their civilian capacity- thank you for what you do for us each and every day.

As a side note, I also believe there is systemic sexism in our society. Females are underrepresented in corporate American and in senior military positions.

So where do we go from here?  First, listen.  Capt Ogden sent out an email last week about listening.  Listen to Maj. Gen. Porter’s message on civil unrest, and our oath to support the constitution of the United States and Wyoming. Watch the video discussion of Gen. Goldfein and Chief Wright.  But if you do nothing else, watch Gen. Brown’s video on what he’s thinking.  He is the next Chief of Staff of the Air force and first African American to ever hold the position. I have included the links to the videos below.

After you’ve listened to these leader’s thoughts.  Talk to each other, listen to each other – together we must continue to create an environment for airmen to thrive.

Commanders, supervisors, everyone in this organization please take time to get into groups and talk about this both formally and informally.

As we talk – listen to each other, learn from each other, and always treat each other with dignity and respect. I would ask that you leave politics out of the discussion.

Together we can continue to improve as individuals and as an organization. I know this is a stressful time, our DPH’s and Chaplin’s state ready to assist.

Thank you for what you do and welcome back to drill.

Paul S. Lyman, Colonel, WY ANG

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Your DPH Team:
Cheryl Cameron and Ms. Nikki Hernandez

Chaplin Lehman