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Strengthening Our Partnership: Wyoming and Tunisia

By PAO_Admin | September 30th, 2020

The Wyoming National Guard hosted an Aviation Familiarization Event in…

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MAFFS pilot profile: Lt. Col. Ryan Scofield

By wyoadmin | April 24th, 2017

Whether he is barrel rolling 1,000 feet above the horizon or slowing cruising 120 knots 150 feet above a pine forest, Lt. Col. Ryan Scofield knows there is no place he would rather be than in the air.

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MAFFS 3 returns to Wyoming after 14 months in Utah

By wyoadmin | November 09th, 2015

Aug. 17, 2014, a C-130H equipped with a Modular Airborne Firefighting System landed without functioning nose gear at Hill Air Force Base, Utah. Almost 14 months later, on Oct. 13 that C-130H, tail number 1533, returned to its home at the Wyoming Air National Guard.

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