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Restored Spanish-American War flag unveiled

The Wyoming State Museum unveiled a newly restored flag from the Spanish-American War on March 22, 2021 in Cheyenne, Wyo. Descendants of the soldiers from the 1st Wyoming Volunteer Infantry Battalion who served in the Spanish-American war in 1898 were in attendance at the small gathering. The Wyoming Army National Guard’s Adjutant General, Maj. Gen. Gregory Porter, was also in attendance as the guest speaker.

Around 1,000 soldiers in the Wyoming National Guard were selected to serve in the Spanish-American War. The first federal mobilization in Wyoming’s history. In total, 125,000 volunteers were asked to serve in the war effort by President William McKinley.

The flag was presented to the soldiers on June 5, 1898, before they departed for the Philippines. Wyoming’s First Lady Harriet Alice Richards headed the effort to raise the funds to purchase the custom embroidered flag. It returned home with the soldiers upon conclusion of their service in September 1899.

The restoration process began in 2020 and was funded with a grant from the Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund. Because the flag is still susceptible to damage from light, it will not be on display for long periods of time. A documentary of the flag will be presented in its place when not on display.

“It was an incredible collaboration between so many players that led to this flag coming back to Wyoming,” said Maj. Gen. Gregory Porter, the adjutant general for the Wyoming National Guard. “Those efforts speak to the heart of this State – when it matters, we always come together.”

The flag is on exhibit at the Wyoming State Museum in Cheyenne, Wyo.

Employee Spotlight: Mike Walker, Senior Plumber

The Wyoming Military Department is proud to announce Mike Walker as the recipient of the WyMD State Employee of the Quarter award for Q3 of 2020.

As the Senior Plumber for the 153d Civil Engineer Squadron, Mike annually tests and repairs all 76 backflow preventers on base. He also maintains the backflow prevention assembly testers certification. In October, Mike hit his seven-year mark with the WyMD. 

For Mike, the best part about working here is the pride that comes with the position. Working to maintain the plumbing infrastructure of the Wyoming Air National Guard base in Cheyenne and the care and maintenance of fire suppression systems; especially of the aircraft hangers.

Mike is being recognized for seeing an issue and stepping in. After a private contractor completed an inspection of the building’s fire suppression systems, the inspector identified a possible problem. With this information, Mike did some research and was able to troubleshoot the possible problem with some testing procedures. Not only did Mike find there was not a problem with the system in question, but he also saved the organization $40,000 in repairs that the contractor estimated. Furthermore, Mike also has maintained a 94% work order completion rate within 30 days.

Strengthening Our Partnership: Wyoming and Tunisia

The Wyoming National Guard hosted an Aviation Familiarization Event in Cheyenne, Wyo., Sept. 13-25, 2020, in which members of the Tunisian Air Force participated.

The Rescue

Cheyenne Regional Airport held an emergency exercise training on the morning of Aug. 27, 2020. The scenario involved an airplane crash with victims on board.

The Wyoming Air National Guard Fire and Rescue, along with airport staff and many community partners, were among the participants.

The exercise tested response skills, completion of a triennial certification while showcasing the strength of these partnerships, and the impact they have on the community.

Partners included:

Cheyenne Regional Medical Center, Cheyenne Firefighters, Laramie County Coroner’s Office, F. E. Warren Air Force Base Fire, and Emergency Services, Cheyenne/Laramie County Emergency Management, and AMR – Cheyenne – American Medical Response.

133rd Engineer Company completes recertification for reaction force training

The morning began bright and hot as Soldiers from the 133rd Engineer Company formed up and began classroom training outside for their National Guard Reaction Force recertification. The Wyoming Army National Guard partners with the Air National Guard’s 153rd Security Forces Squadron instructors in order to receive recertification.

NGRF falls under the National Guard Support to Civil Authorities, which is the process by which civil authorities can request military assistance. The NGRF is called upon by the governor in the event local law enforcement needs additional support for situations like crowd control or entry point security.

“These are things that need to be done in the event some sort of riot crisis or security issue arises that we need to resolve,” says Lt. Col. Cole Kelly, the Director of Military Support for the Joint Operations Center in the Wyoming Military Department.

Kelly signs the recertification for Soldiers, which occurs annually. Comprehensive NGRF training happens at least quarterly, but can be added to Mission Essential Tasks that are performed more often. The 133rd is the unit designated as the NGRF, and has been training every year for the last four years.

133rd Company Commander, 1st Lt. Eric Jacobs, has been with the unit in different capacities for the last six years.

“The whole time that the 133rd has had this unit, I’ve been involved with this training,” he says, whether as platoon leader, executive officer, or now the commander.

Instruction began with demonstration of different tactics for crowd control, all of them aimed to de-escalate tense situations. De-escalation involves the proper handling of non-lethal baton, shield and pepper spray equipment. The Air Guard instructors gave an overview demonstration of the equipment and then turned Soldiers over to stations for hands on experience.

Quarterly training might have set scenarios to run through, but for this day, Soldiers were given the task to come up with and run through their own scenarios.

“They are going to walk through a patrolling scenario and they are going to have to react to some items, such as an Improvised Explosive Device, or some other security situation. Whatever they decide to come up with,” Kelly says. “They’ll walk through different scenarios at separate stations.”

NGRF training benefits the state of Wyoming in that the unit provides support to local law enforcement when needed. Having a trained force ready, whether they are utilized or not, means they will be prepared if the time comes.

“I think it’s important the community sees this training and the National Guard Reaction Force and the Wyoming National Guard as a whole as a resource for them.” Jacobs goes on to say, “If we get called out, it’s not to police people up, it’s to protect Wyoming’s assets. Our most valuable asset is our people.”