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BHM McClary

BHM Interview with TSgt McClary

Technical Sgt. Jeffrey McClary of the Wyoming Air National Guard shares his perspective on Black History Month. With 12 years of service, TSgt. McClary reflects on the resilience and contributions of African Americans. His empowering message celebrates diversity and inspires unity for a brighter future.

Mother of Exiles

By Staff Sgt. Lee Murphy, 153rd Airlift Wing CHEYENNE, Wyo.—The symbol of our country is a woman, a mother, who would sacrifice anything for the sake of her children. This is no accident. Through a stroke of good timing and determination, two Airmen from the… Read More »Mother of Exiles

The Rescue

Cheyenne Regional Airport held an emergency exercise training on the morning of Aug. 27, 2020. The scenario involved an airplane crash with victims on board. The Wyoming Air National Guard Fire and Rescue, along with airport staff and many community partners, were among the participants.… Read More »The Rescue