Public notice is hereby given that the Wyoming Military Department intends to amend its rules.

1) These rules and regulations are to be adopted in order to implement the authority of the Wyoming Military Department to reimburse medical expenses, administer the Military Assistance Trust Fund, administer the Educational Assistance Plan, provide general information practices, administer the Wyoming First Responder Fund, administer the Wyoming National Guard Servicemembers Group Life Insurance, (SGLI) Premium Assistance Plan, and administer the Wyoming Veterans Commission Expendable Trust Fund.

2) Copies of the proposed rules in strike and underscore format may be obtained upon request from the Wyoming Military Department, 5800 Central Avenue, Cheyenne, WY 82009, phone (307) 777-8102 or on the WYMD’s website at:

3) The WYMD welcomes all comments and suggestions on these proposed rule amendments. Comments must be received by January 15, 2018 to be considered. Any individual who comments on the rules may request that the WYMD provide a statement of principal reasons for overruling the individual’s comments. If requested, the statement will be issued either prior to or within thirty (30) days after the WYMD’s action.

4) A public hearing will be held by the WYMD if requested by twenty-five (25) persons, by a governmental subdivision, or by an association having not less than twenty-five (25) members.

Requests for a hearing should be directed to the agency at the above address by the date specified above. Notice of the hearing will be provided to all persons making a timely request therefor.

Dated this 27th day of November, 2017,
Douglas C. Shope
Deputy Director
Wyoming Military Department

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