Notice of Availability – Camp Guernsey

Feb 18, 2020

Wyoming Army National Guard
Environmental Assessment (EA) and Draft Finding of No Significant Impact (FNSI)
for Training and Maneuver Activities at Camp Guernsey
Platte County, Wyoming

The Wyoming Army National Guard (WYARNG) announces the availability of the above-referenced EA and Draft FNSI. The EA and Draft FNSI will undergo a 15-day public comment period in accordance with 32 CFR Part 651.14(b)(2)(iii), Environmental Analysis of Army Actions.

Proposed Action. These documents address the potential environmental and socioeconomic effects of proposed training and maneuver activities – including increases in the frequency of brigade-level training exercises – at Camp Guernsey. This analysis is necessary because the Wyoming Military Department has recently acquired additional lands for military training. Training and maneuver activities on these new lands has thus far been limited to minor activities that are allowed using a Categorical Exclusion under 32 Code of Federal Regulations Part 651, Environmental Analysis of Army Actions Subpart D. The Wyoming Army National Guard is now proposing to conduct live-fire training and heavy maneuver activities on these lands to facilitate an increase in the frequency of brigade-level training exercises. These activities are not categorically excluded from further review under the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969; per 32 CFR §651.33, Environmental Analysis of Army Actions, these types of training and maneuver activities typically require an Environmental Assessment.

In order to facilitate proposed live-fire training exercises and accommodate the Surface Danger Zones associated with field artillery at Camp Guernsey, the Proposed Action also includes a request for the Federal Aviation Administration to establish special use airspace. Under the Proposed Action the Federal Aviation Administration would establish temporary Controlled Firing Areas to be followed by the designation of Restricted Areas to prohibit non-participating aircraft from entering or traversing the airspace while hazardous activities are being conducted. The Federal Aviation Administration has agreed to participate in the preparation of this Environmental Assessment as a Federal Cooperating Agency. The analysis contained in this Environmental Assessment may then be adopted by the Federal Aviation Administration to address their environmental and public review processes.

Statutory Authority. The EA, Draft FNSI, and this Notice of Availability have been prepared in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (NEPA; 42 United States Code [USC] 4321 et seq.), the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) Regulations Implementing the Procedural Provisions of NEPA (40 Code of Federal Regulation [CFR] Parts 1500-1508), and 32 CFR Part 651, Environmental Analysis of Army Actions.

Public Review. The public is invited to review and comment on the EA and Draft FNSI. Copies of these documents may be accessed after February 26, 2020, on the WYARNG website at or at the Guernsey, Wheatland, Douglas, and Torrington public libraries or a copy may be requested from the WYARNG.

Comments. Written public comments concerning this EA and Draft FNSI are invited and will be received until March 11, 2020.

Comments should be addressed to:

Mr. Scott Benson (WYARNG NEPA Program Manager) at 5410 Bishop Boulevard, Cheyenne, Wyoming 82009; or via e-mail at
For further information and/or a copy of the EA or Draft FNSI, please contact Mr. Benson.

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