Wyoming Military Department 2022 Flight School Selection Board

Apr 22, 2021


The WYARNG Flight Selection Board will convene on 12 September 2021 with an alternate date TBD to interview qualified flight school applicants.

Applicants should plan to participate in person during the selection process. Interviews will be conducted at the WYARNG AASF (Cheyenne, WY) according to a schedule TBD based on applicant numbers and availability. Applicants should appear in their Army Service Uniform (or equivalent).

Applicants are encouraged to attend IDT weekend at the AASF in Cheyenne, WY on 10-12 September 2021 to familiarize themselves with Aviation Operations and the responsibilities associated with being a WYARNG aviator.

The Board will review applications for individual qualifications and flight school requirements. Upon completion of interviews, the Board will establish an OML for quota distribution.

Submit completed packets to NGWY-RRC-OSM, 5410 Bishop Blvd., Cheyenne, WY 82009-3329 (ATTN: CW3 Anthony Finch) NLT 1500 on Friday 3 September 2021.

Please contact CW4 Anthony Finch, Officer Strength Manager (OSM) at 307-772-5400 or anthony.g.finch.mil@mail.mil for further questions.

TY 2022 Flight School Announcement.

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