New position brings WyARNG soldier back to her roots

Oct 25, 2018

“It actually kind of gets me back to my roots,” said Master Sgt. Rebecca J. Motley, the Wyoming Army National Guard’s new sexual assault response coordinator (SARC). “I have a degree in criminal justice with a minor in law. This kind of gets me back to what I started my life to be.”

Motley enlisted in the guard in 1997 after deciding she wanted to do something bigger and better with her life. At the time she had just finished an internship for the State of Wyoming, working in law enforcement communications, investigations and patrol. She had set her sights on going into federal law enforcement and thought joining the Guard would give her military preference when applying.

Immediately upon completion of her initial training, a fellow soldier encouraged her to apply for an active guard reserve job, where she served as the administration clerk for the 213th Regional Training Institute for about six years. After that, she served as the supply sergeant for the 67th Army band, WyARNG.

During this period, she deployed to Kuwait with the 115th Fires Brigade, WyARNG from 2009 to 2010. Upon completion of the deployment, she returned to the 67th Army Band and assumed the role of the unit readiness NCO. After seven years with the band, Motley moved on to be the readiness NCO for Training Site Command for about four years before the opportunity for this new position presented itself.

“In readiness you learn a lot about people and the diversity we have in the organization, while supply is pretty easy,” explains Motley, “If you have it count it, if you have too many, turn it in and if you don’t have it, buy more.”

While each position she has held has been rewarding in its own way, Motley is fairly certain the SARC for the WyARNG will shape up to be her favorite.

“It’s not that readiness and supply don’t help people, but this facilitates care,” she said. “It’s assisting people in getting the care they need after a traumatic event in their life and I think that in the beginning that’s where I wanted to be. So, I feel like I have come full circle and come back to helping people.”

The Guard has also allowed her to connect with many people and travel. Because of the Guard, she has been able to see all 50 states; although no territories yet, she said.

After she has hung up her uniform for the day, Motley is a grandmother to nine grandchildren, which she says is the best thing in life. She enjoys many things from sewing, cooking, candle making and pottery to community theater; where she participates in at least three shows a year.

“After I retire, my hope is to continue to volunteer my time to assist those in crisis to receive the care they need, and I hope to turn all those really cool things I do into being a really super grandma.”

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