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Major Karolyn Braun: A Soldier’s Sacrifice is Worn on her Sleeve

Since July 2021, Maj. Karolyn Braun has been deployed to Southwest Asia with the 29th Infantry Division, intensively supporting Task Force Spartan. Braun’s dedication and service were recognized during a recent patching ceremony at the Joint Training Center, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Braun has served as a command element for Task Force Spartan, which serves as the headquarters element for Operation Spartan Shield. OSS is the United States effort to strengthen defense relationships, build capacity, and when necessary, execute contingency plans within the U.S. Army Central. While supporting these efforts, Braun has spent time in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan. On Sept. 11, 2021, Maj. Braun and other Soldiers assigned to the 29th Infantry Division, Task Force Spartan Cell, received their shoulder sleeve insignia — Military Operations in Hostile Conditions, commonly referred to as the “combat patch,” denoting their service in a combat zone. Brigadier General Joseph Reale, deputy commanding general for support, 29th Infantry Division, presided over the patching ceremony. The SSI-MOHC is presented to Soldiers in units that have actively participated or supported ground combat operations against hostile forces in which they were exposed to the threat of enemy action or fire, either directly or indirectly. The combat patch has been a symbol of military service during combat operations since World War I and continues to this day. Worn on the right sleeve of the uniform, it serves as an emblem of self-sacrifice. As well as signifying service while deployed in a combat zone. We are exceedingly proud of our Wyoming Soldier! Please help us in congratulating Maj. Braun on her momentous achievement.  (U.S. Army photos by Staff Sgt Matt Lyman)