A high mobility artillery rocket systems vehicle shoots a rocket during a training exercise.


Camp Guernsey is a NGB Level 2 Joint Training Center consisting of more than 78,000 acres of maneuver area, training ranges, and 64 square miles of air space which provide for combined arms training using multiple scenarios over varied terrain. Camp Guernsey can support up to an entire brigade of troops, maneuver, and equipment. Camp Guernsey exists to facilitate and support realistic combat training for current and future American fighting forces.

The camp’s rural locale in southeastern Wyoming offers many training advantages. Noise, movement, and training restrictions are limited. Accessibility from road, rail and air provide flexible options for troop, equipment, and material movement. A dedicated, fully-qualified staff currently supports DoD and Non-DoD customers for all types of training 24/7/365.

Camp Guernsey was built on the tradition of the frontier forts of America’s early years. Frontier forts were often the vanguard of defense in the American West. Camp Guernsey continues this tradition by providing realistic, combat-based training opportunities for continental and deploying American forces. Customers from all branches of the Department of Defense, other federal agencies, Wyoming state and local agencies, and civilian entities, train here.

Camp Guernsey Operations

Camp Guernsey Joint Training Center is designated as a Maneuver Training Center-Heavy (MTC-H).  Multiple battalions can complete task force level training using a combination of live fire ranges and maneuver training land.

Soldiers training at Camp GuernseyFour distinct training areas:

  • North Training Area – 51,000 acres of fire and maneuver areas; dedicated impact area for artillery; Close Air Support & aerial bombing; and dedicated firing ranges for small arms, heavy weapons; live-fire convoy routes; Counter Improvised Explosive Device Lane; and missile/rocket firing points.
  • South Training Area – various ranges including MRF, Zero, known distance, combat pistol, and small arms; obstacle course; compass & land navigation course; high ropes course; mine warfare area.
  • Camp Guernsey Army Air Field – 60 square miles of restricted airspace; C-17 capable runway; tactical landing strip; hot refuel; aerial gunnery; combat offload capabilities; 24/7 crash fire rescue.
  • Cantonment – 200-person dining facility; billeting for up to 1,503 people in dormitories, private/semi-private billets available;  fuel point; combined maintenance facility.

Army National Guard GISMOGeographic Information Supporting Military Operations

To assist in planning the use of ranges, areas of operation, locations, and capabilities, please use the GISMO website at https://gismo.ngb.army.mil/.

To schedule a site visit or submit a utilization packet: ng.wy.wyarng.list.guernsey-packet-request@mail.mil