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Important Message from Adjutant General Maj. Gen. Greg Porter

Wyoming Military Department Teammates,

As I write this message on Friday morning, the 29th of September 2023, a Government Shutdown is nearly certain. At this moment, we will plan that way and start setting the conditions for a potentially prolonged lapse in appropriations. We do not have a sense of how long this lapse could last. The key to our success and ensuring that we continue executing our multiple missions and taking care of one another and our families is accurate and timely communication. Each of you, please review the information below and the attachments provided. It is the latest we have. We’ll provide updates at least daily at

NGB Leadership has stressed several times that this shutdown may not look like previous shutdowns in terms of which missions are excepted from furlough and which are not. At this moment I don’t believe it’s likely that the Air Guard will receive a “blanket” exception for all personnel, and I don’t believe that the Army Guard will be as conservative as they have been in the past. LEADERS AND INDIVIDUALS – PLEASE TAKE GREAT CARE TO REVIEW WHICH POSITIONS ARE EXCEPTED FROM FURLOUGH. 

Current guidance is that if a shutdown occurs – all personnel will report to work on Monday, 2 Oct 23 as normal. What may be different from the past is it may take several days for the WY MD to receive the Execute Order (EXORD) to shutdown.

If there is a shutdown, you will receive an AtHoc Message with instructions to report to work for an orderly shutdown. All employees (T5/T32) will be required to sign a Notice of Furlough or Exemption/Exception, depending on your status, and furloughed employees will complete an orderly shutdown. 

*Note that State and AGR employees will not be Furloughed, they will continue to report to duty.

1.         AGRs – All AGR employees will report as scheduled, to conduct normal duties. Their work schedule is NOT affected by the furlough (this includes both chargeable and nonchargeable leave statuses), however, pay may be delayed. POC is CPT Eric Jacobs at 772-5220.

2.         State – All State employees, and federally reimbursed State employees, Governor Gordon has stated they are NOT affected by the furlough. POC is Mr. Matt Nix at 777-8120.

3.         Federal Employees – All T32/T5 employees will complete a form, as directed by their Supervisor. See attached “DCPAS Shutdown Furlough FAQ”, and Federal Employee Benefits during Furlough. POC is Mrs. Michelle Reed 772-5147 or LTC Amy Henry at 772-5252.

a.         Excepted/Exempted employees – Supervisors will notify employees of change of status on order.

b.         Furloughed employees – Supervisors will notify employees of change of status on order.

4.         Additional questions not covered in the attached “DCPAS Shutdown Furlough FAQ” will be posted at

Continue to reach out and stay in contact with your teammates. It could be a trying time for some – don’t let anyone suffer in silence.  We have resources to assist. Our Wyoming communities and businesses are already behind us and are working on multiple ways to reduce the impact of a shutdown.

For questions or inquiries not directed to the POCs above, please contact the Wyoming Joint Operations Center at 307-772-5112 or by email


Stay safe,

MG Porter/CSEL Moore


The Adjutant General

Joint Forces Headquarters – Wyoming

5410 Bishop Blvd,

Cheyenne, Wyoming 82009

(c)- 307-630-1565

(w)- 307-772-5236

“Ride for the Brand”