A high mobility artillery rocket system vehicle is loaded into a C-130 aircraft.

Army Guard Employment

Opportunities for Army National Guard traditional and full-time positions can be found below:

Army National Guard Traditional Jobs

MOSJob DescriptionRankClosing Date
Flight School Flight Board Announcement TY 2020WO or eligible to become WO, O1-O3, ROTC MS-4 8/29/2019
011A, Safety OfficerCW5 Safety Officer JFHQCW4-CW57/30/2019
42B Preferred, 01AHR Tech 94th Troop CommandO28/30/2019
89A2O Ammo Stk Con/Acctg Sgt, 960TH Worland E-512/31/2019
25B3O Info Tech Team Chief, 960TH Sheridan E-612/31/2019
92M2O Mortuary Affairs Sgt, 960TH Sheridan E-512/31/2019
13F2OFire SPT Specialist, 115TH CheyenneE-512/31/2019
13F2O Targeting NCO, 115TH Cheyenne E-512/31/2019
46R3OPA Broadcast NCO, PAD CheyenneE-612/31/2019
13F2OTargeting NCO, 115TH CheyenneE-512/31/2019
94P2OMLRS Repairer, 920TH TorringtonE-5 12/31/2019
15Q4OFacility Chief, Training Center GuernseyE-712/31/2019
89A2OAmmo Stk Con/Acctg NCO, JFHQ CheyenneE-512/31/2019
13M38Instructor, 213TH GuernseyE-612/31/2019
91D2OTAC PWR GEN SPEC, 920TH TorringtonE-512/31/2019
25D3OInfrastructure Support, 115TH CheyenneE-612/31/2019
92Y3OSupply Sergeant, 960TH SheridanE-612/31/2019
25S3OSATCOM OPNS NCO, 115TH CheyenneE-612/31/2019
92F2OACT Fuel HLDR, Training Center GuernseyE-512/31/2019
15Q4OA2C2 Sergeant, 115TH CheyenneE-712/31/2019
25B4OINFO TECH SUPV, 115TH CheyenneE-712/31/2019
89B2OAmmunition Sergeant, 960TH WorlandE-512/31/2019
92A4OMaterial Management NCO, Training Center GuernseyE-712/31/2019
92G4OCullinary Management NCO, JFHQ CheyenneE-612/31/2019
89A2OAmmo STK CON/ACCTG NCO, JFHQ GuernseyE-512/31/2019
14G2OTeam Leader, 115TH CheyenneE-512/31/2019
92Y2OSupply/Armorer NCO, RTI GuernseyE-512/31/2019
92A2O92A2O EQUIP REC PARTS SGT, 960TH PowellE-512/31/2019
17E2O EW Sergeant, 960TH Sheridan E-512/31/2019

Army National Guard Full-time Jobs

Announcement NumberJob DescriptionRank/GradeClosing Date
19-062Title 32 Dual Status Supply Technician, USPFO Warehouse, Guernsey, WYGS-2005-0707/23/19
19-078Title 32 Dual Status HR Spec (MIL), DCSPER, Cheyenne, WYGS-0201-0907/29/19
19-086Title 5 Excepted Service Budget Analyst, GS-0560-09, (Indefinite Appt), DCSOPS, Cheyenne, WYGS-0560-0907/29/19
19-A101NW JO (YEAR ROUND) Recruiting and Retention NCO E-6, Multiple locations WY

19-A156AGR NW JO, CBRN NCO, E5, Cheyenne WYE-508/07/19
19-A163AGR In-Service JO, 84th CST Commander, O-5, Cheyenne WYO-508/07/19
19-A152AGR NW JO, SR Recruiting and Retention, E-7, Worland WYE-707/28/19
19-A167AGR In-service JO, Readiness NCO, E7, Wheatland, WYE-708/23/19
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Jul 23, 2019

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Jul 8, 2019