A high mobility artillery rocket system vehicle is loaded into a C-130 aircraft.

Army Guard Employment


Interested in a traditional job with the Wyoming Army National Guard? Check under your current rank to see what we have available. If you like what you see, fill out the other blocks and someone from the personnel office will be in touch.
Remember, if you received an enlistment bonus it may be recouped if you apply for a job with a different MOS. Our personnel folks can give you more information if you fill out the form below.

Army National Guard Full-time Jobs

Announcement NumberJob DescriptionRank/GradeClosing Date
19-120T32 DS AIRCRAFT MECHANIC, Army Aviation Support Facility, Cheyenne, WyomingWG-8852-10/1211/14/19
19-121T32 DS AIRCRAFT MECHANIC SUPERVISOR, Army Aviation Support Facility, Cheyenne, WyomingWS-8852-1111/14/19
19-019Title 32 Dual Status Surface Maintenance Mechanic, FMS #5, Guernsey, WYWG-5801-08/1011/18/19
19-094Title 32 Dual Status Cost Accountant, USPFO, Cheyenne, WYGS-0510-09/1111/18/19
19-093Title 32 Dual Status GS-0525-811/18/19
19-115.1Title 5 Staff Accountant, USPFO, Cheyenne, WYGS-0510-1211/19/19
19-A156AGR NW JO, CBRN NCO, E5 Cheyenne, WY, x2 positions, Open until filledE-509/09/20
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