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Welcome to our State Wide Vacancy Announcement page (SWVA). These jobs are for current Wyoming Army National Guard members interested in promotion opportunities and positions available within or outside of your unit.

If you are not a Soldier but are interested in serving in the WYARNG, please CLICK HERE to get started.

To learn more about what MOS’s you are qualified for along with videos on specific positions, start by opening the MOS Qualification Tool.

Follow the instructions for drop-downs on the left-hand side of the document. Once you have filtered your list down to what you are qualified for and interested in return to the webpage and select your current rank. You can now review current WYARNG position opportunities along with their specific information and closing date.

If you like what you see and want to apply, fill out your full name, email, phone number and click submit. Upon submission, our Enlisted or Officer Personnel Manager (EPM or OPM) will reach out to start the process. You will receive all correspondence concerning your application to the email you provide. Thank you.

*Remember, if you received or are currently receiving any ARNG Incentives (Enlistment Bonus, Extension Bonus, Student Loan Repayment, GI Bill Kicker) they may be recouped if you apply for a job with a different MOS or UIC.

If you have any questions feel free to call MSG Edwardo Herrera at 307-772-5068

ARNG Traditional Jobs
E1 - E3
E5 - E6
E7 - E8

Army National Guard Full-time Jobs

Job NumberAnnouncementRank/Pay GradeDate of Closing
21-053T32 DS Surface Maintenance Mechanic, Field Maintenance Shop #1, Lovell, WYWG-5801-08/1006/28/21
21-061T32 DS Surface Maintenance Mechanic, Field Maintenance Shop #4, Cheyenne, WYWG-5801-08/1006/28/21
21-032T32 DS Supervisory IT Specialist (Policy and Planning), Deputy Chief of Staff Information Management, Cheyenne, WYGS-2210-12
21-029T32 DS Environmental Protection Specialist, Joint Forces Headquarters, Guernsey, WYGS-0028-11
21-A14521-A145 RR NCO E6 Rock Springs WYSSG/E607/14/2021


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