Wyoming airmen stand at attention at a pass and review ceremony.

Air Guard Employment

Opportunities for Air National Guard traditional and full-time positions can be found below:

Air National Guard Traditional Jobs

AFSCJob DescriptionMaximum GradeClosing Date
2S071153LRS, Material HandlerE-629JAN19
1A271187AS, Aircraft Loadmaster (two positions)E-78Feb19
4A071187AES, NCOIC-Health Services ManagementE-710FEB19
C13M3243ATCS, CommanderO-510Feb19
17D3Y153CF, Communications Officer (Commissioning Opportunity)O-511Feb19
1C191243ATCS, Air Traffic Control SuperintendentE-8Until Filled
R2G071153LRS, Plans and IntegrationE-6Until Filled
2T171153LRS, Vehicle OperationsE-7Until Filled
2T191153LRS, Motor Vehicle Operations SupervisorE-8Until Filled
2T271153LRS, Air Transportation CraftsmanE-7Until Filled
2T390153CACS, Vehicle Maintenance SuperintendentE-8Until Filled
3T300153LRS, Chief, Vehicle ManagementE-9Until Filled
3D071153CF, Knowledge Operations ManagerE-6Until Filled
3D072153CACS, Cyber Operations CraftsmanE-7Until Filled
3D171153CACS, Cyber Transport CraftsmanE-7Until Filled
3D172153CACS, Cyber Transportation CraftsmanE-7Until Filled
3D172153CACS, Cyber Transportation CraftsmanE-6Until Filled
3D173153CACS, RF Transmissions CraftsmanE-7Until Filled
3E171153CACS, HVACE-7Until Filled
3F071153OSS, PersonnelE-7Until Filled
3F171153FSS, Services CraftsmanE-6Until Filled
3F471153AW, Equal Opportunity AdvisorE-7Until Filled
3F571153CACS, Commander Support StaffE-6Until Filled
4Y0X1153MDG, Dental AssistantE-6Until Filled
6F0X1153CPTF, Financial Management and Comptroller Journeyman (2 positions)E-5Until Filled
8F000First SergeantE-7Until Filled



Air National Guard Full-time Jobs

Announcement NumberJob DescriptionRank/GradeClosing Date
18-036T32 DS IT Specialist (CUSTOMER SUPPORT), 153d Communications Flight, Cheyenne, WyomingGS-2210-1101/28/19
19-A32219-A322 Flight Engineer, E-7E-701/28/19
19-A32319-A323 Aircraft Loadmaster, E-7E-701/28/19
19-A32519-A325 Aircraft Loadmaster, E-7E-701/28/19
19-A32919-A329 Aircraft Engine Mechanic, E-7E-701/29/19
19-A33019-A330 Aircraft Engine Mechanic, E-6E-601/29/19
19-A33219-A332 Electronic Integrated Systems Mechanic Leader, E-7E-701/29/19
19-029T32 DS Supply Technician (Inventory Management),153d Logistics Readiness Squadron, Cheyenne, WyomingGS-2005-701/30/19
19-A31719-A317 (AMENDED) First Sergeant, E-7E-702/04/19
19-021T32 DS Safety Specialist, Training Site Command, Guernsey, WyomingGS-0018-1102/04/19
19-A32019-A320 Material Management, E-5E-502/07/19
19-A32119-A321 Production Recruiter and Retainer, E-6E-602/08/19
19-033T32 DS Production Controller (Aircraft), 153d Maintenance Operations Flight, Cheyenne, WyomingGS-1152-0902/11/19
19-017T32 DS Financial Management Technician, 153d Comptroller Flight, Cheyenne, WyomingGS-0503-802/13/19
18-097T32 DS Navigator, 153 OG, Cheyenne, WYGS-2183-11/12/1302/19/19
19-A33419-A334 AC Survival Flight Equipment RepairerE-6E-602/18/19
19-A32819-A328 Aircraft Engine Mechanic, E-5E-502/05/19
19-A33119-A331 Electronic Integrated Systems Mechanic, E-7E-702/05/19
19-025T32 DS HR Spec (Recruitment & Placement), HRO, Cheyenne, WYGS-0201-7/902/11/19
19-A33319-A333 Powered Support Systems Mechanic, E-7E-702/05/19
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