Wyoming airmen stand at attention at a pass and review ceremony.

Air Guard Employment

Opportunities for Air National Guard traditional and full-time positions can be found below:

These jobs are for current Air National Guard members. If you are interested in any one of these and want to join, please CLICK HERE to get started or call a recruiter at 307-772-6333.

Air National Guard Traditional Jobs

AFSCJob DescriptionMaximum GradeClosing Date
4A1X1187AES, NCOIC-Logistic Services MngtE-721Aug20
1A171187AS, Flight EngineerE-710Sept20
51J4JFHQ-WY, State Staff Judge AdvocateO-6Until Filled
3F091JFHQ-WY, Personnel, SuperintendentE-8Until Filled
35P4JFHQ-WY, Public Affairs OfficerO-4Unit Filled
48RX or Flight Surgeon‐rated AFSCJFHQ-WY, State Air SurgeonO-6Until Filled
17D3Y153CACS, Cyber Support Flight CommanderO-4Until Filled
Z17D3Y153CACS, Cyberspace OperationsO-4Until Filled
2T390153CACS, Vehicle Maintenance SuperintendentE-8Until Filled
3D172153CACS, Cyber Transportation CraftsmanE-7Until Filled
3D172153CACS, Cyber Transportation CraftsmanE-7Until Filled
3D173153CACS, RF Transmission CraftsmanE-7Until Filled
3D190153CACS, Chief Enlisted ManagerE-8Until Filled
3E072153CACS, Electric Power Production CraftsmanE-6Until Filled
3P071153CACS, Security Forces Craftsman (3 Positions)E-7Until Filled
4N071153CACS, Aerospace Medical ServiceE-7Until Filled
3D174153CF, Spectrum ManagementE-7Until Filled
32E3G153CES, Civil Engineer (Commissioning Opportunity)O-4Until Filled
3E971153CES, Emergency Management Craftsman (2 Positions)E-7Until Filled
6F0X1153CPTF, Financial Management and Comptroller Journeyman (2 positions)E-5Until Filled
6F071153CPTF, FM and Comptroller CraftsmanE-7Until Filled
2F0X1153LRS, Fuels (3 positions)E-5Until Filled
R2G071153LRS, Plans & IntegrationE-6Until Filled
2S051153LRS, Material ManagementE-5Until Filled
2T191153LRS, Ground Transportation SuperintendentE-8Until Filled
2T271153LRS, Air Transportation CraftsmanE-7Until Filled
2T271153LRS, Air Transportation CraftsmanE-6Until Filled
8F000153 LRS, 1st SergeantE-7Until Filled
48R3153MDG, Flight SurgeonO-6Until Filled
43H3153MDG, Public Health OfficerO-5Until Filled
4B091153MDG, Bioenviromental Engineering TechE-8Until Filled
4N071153MDG, Aerospace Med ServicesE-7Until Filled
3F571153MSG, AdministrationE-6Until Filled
3F571153MXG, Administration CraftsmanE-6Until Filled
1P0X1153OSS, Aircrew Flight Equipment SpecialistE-6Until Filled
1P0X1153OSS, Aircrew Flight Equipment (3 positions)E-5Until Filled
3F071153OSS, PersonnelE-7Until Filled
4A071187AES, NCOIC Heath Services ManagementE-7Until Filled
4A271187AES, Medical Equipment SupervisorE-7Until Filled
1C100243ATCS, Chief of OperationsE-9Until Filled
1C151243ATCS, Air Traffic Control Journeyman (3 Positions)E-5Until Filled
1C171243ATCS, Air Traffic Control Craftsman (3 Positions)E-7Until Filled
1C191243ATCS, Air Traffic Control SuperintendentE-8Until Filled
1C853243ATCS, RAWS (8 Positions)E-5Until Filled
2S051243ATCS, Materiel ManagementE-5Until Filled
3D051243ATCS, Knowledge Operations ManagementE-5Until Filled



Air National Guard Full-time Jobs

Announcement NumberJob DescriptionRank/GradeClosing Date
20-A35120-A351 (Amended) Vehicle Maintenance Journeyman, E-5E-508/10/20
20-103T32 DS Chemical, Biological, Radiological & Nuclear Specialist, 153d Civil Engineer Squadron, Cheyenne, WyomingGS-0301-0908/17/20
20-A36420-A364 RF Transmissions Journeyman, E-5E-508/24/20
20-104T32 DS Supply Technician (Inventory Management), 153d Logistics Readiness Squadron, Cheyenne, WyomingGS-2005-0709/03/20
20-A34820-A348 Production Recruiter and Retainer, E-6E-612/31/20
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