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COVID Chat with Kat: Episode 2

In episode 2 of COVID Chat with Kat, we address the legal questions of the COVID vaccine mandate. Kat talks to our legal expert, Mr. Chris Smith and he answers the many questions asked by our Wyoming Soldiers, Airmen, and their family members.

Please remember to send any new questions to or leave them in the comments. And we will answer in the next episode. Please follow us to get the most up-to-date information.

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3 thoughts on “COVID Chat with Kat: Episode 2”

  1. Since all of the “COVID-19 Vaccines” only target the spike protein and not the entire COVID virus, unlike the flu vaccine which uses the entire killed virus to allow the body to build up antibodies against the whole virus, how can it be legally mandated to force Americans with threats of job loss and/or fines to get the injections. There is so little know about the long term effects of the vaccines, and multiple deaths that have coincided with the vaccines but are not being researched or tracked as far as I am aware. In fact the same administration that is pushing these mandates were totally against the vaccines when they were first available through the prior administration. I am not anti vaccination and am fully vaccinated but I also believe that it should be a choice.

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