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2024 TAG State Marksmanship Competition

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CAMP GUERNSEY, Wyo. — The Wyoming Small Arms Readiness Training Section, along with members of the state team, showcased their exceptional marksmanship skills during the Wyoming National Guard’s Adjutant General’s State Marksmanship Championship, held at Camp Guernsey from May 30 to June 2, 2024.

Master Sgt. Morgan Jenkins, with assistance from Staff Sgt. Bradley Holloway and 2nd Lt. Bernat Andras organized the event despite funding constraints that limited participation to two teams from the 115th Target Acquisition Platoon. Throughout two and a half days, competitors engaged in 11 matches, demonstrating their proficiency with various firearms and techniques.

Events ranged from shooting the M4A1 at 400 yards to executing bill drills at seven yards. The championship concluded with an intense three-gun steel target course featuring 26 engagements and a race against the clock.

Sgt. Brandon Todd emerged as a standout performer, securing both the novice and overall titles and earning the prestigious Governor’s Ten Tab to wear on his uniform. Sgt. Jack Doornbos also excelled, winning the open class.

“This year’s competition showcased our marksmen’s incredible talent and dedication,” said Holloway. “The teams demonstrated outstanding precision and readiness. Events like these are crucial for maintaining the high standards of the Cowboy Guard.”

For more information on future events and training opportunities, please contact Staff Sgt. Bradley Holloway at Additionally, if you’re interested in participating in our state shooting clinics, please reach out. These clinics offer a unique opportunity to enhance your skills beyond typical training environments and earn a place on our state competition teams. It’s one of the best-kept secrets in the WY Guard—an incredibly fun and rewarding experience. The Small Arms Readiness Training Section program is one of the most exciting and knowledge-rich opportunities in the WY Guard, and we’re eager to share it with more of our members. 

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