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Groundbreaking Ceremony for New Fire Complex at Camp Guernsey Airfield

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In a stride to bolster state and federal mission support, a groundbreaking ceremony for a new fire complex was held on May 13, 2024, at the Camp Guernsey Joint Training Center airfield.

This event not only marked the start of construction for a state-of-the-art facility but underscored the pivotal role of our personnel in enhancing training and operational capabilities for a wide range of missions.

The new fire station and air operations project is not just about the physical structures. It’s about ensuring the safety and security of Cowboy Guard personnel. The 24,658-square-foot fire station, the five-story air traffic control tower, and the 5,204-square-foot Army airfield flight operations building are all designed to meet current green building construction standards and adhere to state historic region sensitivity. Importantly, they are engineered to remain operational during inclement weather and natural disaster events, providing a continuous support and readiness.

“This fire station is going to be a critical element to response time for Camp Guernsey, and how we respond to our emergency season in the State of Wyoming,” said Col. James Ezell, Construction and Facilities Management Officer for the Wyoming Military Department.

The headquarters fire station will house on-duty firefighters 24/7, providing emergency response to camp emergencies, aircraft and in-flight emergencies, and wildfire fighting. The station features eight apparatus bays for equipment maintenance and storage, eight dorm rooms, a complete residential kitchen, a physical fitness room, and a day room for relaxation. Additionally, the facility includes conference rooms for interagency coordination, private offices, and training rooms with testing space to maintain rigorous training and certification requirements.

This complex will be constructed in compliance with National Guard fire station, Army airfield operations building, and aircraft control tower standards. It will provide a safe work environment and adequate space to maintain and repair large military vehicles and equipment.

Upon completion, the new fire complex will serve full-time, traditional guardsmen and civilian personnel, supporting all training and operations for state and federal missions.

“What this is ultimately about is the people that get to work here. You have chosen to work here at Camp Guernsey. It’s been a long time since you had a facility like this for you to be able to do your job,” said Maj. Gen. Greg Porter, Adjutant General of the Wyoming National Guard. “I’m incredibly excited for you that you’re going to have a facility worthy of the service that you provide. If you didn’t have the reputation that you have as an outstanding training facility, this would not have existed.”

For more information about the groundbreaking ceremony, please contact Wyoming National Guard at 307-772-5040.

Groundbreaking Ceremony for New Fire Station Complex at Camp Guernsey Joint Training Center