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Students and staff visit WMYD for National Day of Service and Remembrance

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On Monday, Sept. 11, 2023, the Wyoming Military Department warmly welcomed students and staff from Central, McCormick, and Freedom schools in Cheyenne to support the National Day of Service and Remembrance. Held at the Joint Force Readiness Center, this event was a heartfelt expression of gratitude and appreciation for the service members and employees of the Wyoming Military Department. As part of this initiative, the students and staff visited various offices, delivering treats, cards of support, and more.

The National Day of Service and Remembrance observed on 9/11 is a federally recognized occasion commemorating the anniversary of the tragic events of 9/11. It has grown into the largest annual day of charitable service in the United States, with countless Americans engaging in various forms of community service.
Central, McCormick, and Freedom all hold the prestigious designation of Purple Star School. The Purple Star School Program is dedicated to supporting military-connected children transitioning to new schools due to a parent’s change in duty station.
Pam Marrow, a representative from McCormick, shared her thoughts on the significance of uniting in support of one another, drawing inspiration from the nation’s response during times of crisis. She underscored the vital role of Purple Star Schools in providing care and support to military families and their children. “As a collective of students and adults, our mission is to ensure that your children feel loved, cared for, and welcomed, allowing them to focus on their education while you focus on your duties.”
Brig. Gen. David Pritchett, director of the Joint Staff for the Wyoming National Guard, shared his experiences as a parent of a military child and spoke about the profound impact of Purple Star Schools on the lives of service members’ families. He lauded the unwavering support and dedication of these schools and their administration, emphasizing their pivotal role in the lives of military families. “We are all in this together, and the support we receive, especially from the administration of Purple Star Schools, is invaluable.”
Moreover, Brig. Gen. Pritchett reflected on the significance of 9/11 as a day that forever altered the nation. He emphasized commemorating this day and paying tribute to those who serve and protect the country.
Ultimately, the National Day of Service and Remembrance allowed Purple Star School students to witness the spirit of service in action. It allowed Joint Force Readiness Center and Wyoming Air National Guard 153 Airlift Wing members to acknowledge and appreciate Purple Star students’ support to the military community and commitment to being a member of a Purple Star School.

9/11 National Day of Service at Joint Force Headquarters