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Wyoming National Guard Engineers Strengthen Partnership with Tunisian Military

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The Wyoming Army National Guard’s 133rd Engineer Support Company recently engaged in a fruitful collaboration with the Tunisian engineers in May, forging a valuable partnership through the State Partnership Program. The exchange aimed to provide essential support and training with the Tunisian 61st Engineers and Tunisian Brigade of Special Forces during a Joint Combined Training Exercise in Bizerte, Tunisia. This initiative enhances military capabilities and fosters strong relationships between the two nations.

Through the SPP, the 133rd connected with the 61st and BFS, giving them a valuable opportunity to share knowledge, skills, and experiences. Together, they worked through joint exercises, training programs, and workshops to improve their expertise and develop innovative solutions for different challenges. The units focused on tasks like developing infrastructure, construction, and logistical support, which are crucial for ensuring Soldiers can perform their duties effectively. The primary objective was to enrich the readiness and effectiveness of Tunisia’s Special Forces in carrying out complex missions.

The Sergeant Major of the 61st Tunisian Army Engineers praised the teams saying, “Everyone did a great job. This facility will help create more training opportunities for our Tunisian Soldiers and space for training. I want to thank the 133rd for all they have done. I’ve been doing this for 28 years, and building relationships is always good.”

By sharing their expertise and learning from each other, both groups improved their engineering capabilities, effectiveness in operations, and professional growth.

“The main goal of this exchange was not just to provide training but also to encourage collaboration and teamwork with our international partners in Tunisia,” explained Capt. Ethan Carswell, commander of the 133rd Engineer Support Company. “It establishes a foundation that allows both teams to enhance their skills, broaden their perspectives, understand different cultures, and develop professionally globally. This partnership strengthens our strategic ties with Tunisia and supports global security.”

This partnership goes beyond the military organizations involved and positively impacts the communities they serve. By leveraging their engineering expertise, the joint efforts of the 133rd with the 61st and BFS will contribute to infrastructure development and the overall resilience of both nations. It demonstrates the commitment of both countries to strengthen their relationship, promote peace, and enhance military capabilities.

Wyoming Army National Guard engineers join forces with Tunisian engineers in engagement