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Sgt. Evan Bradley Recognized for First Enlistment Referral

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The Wyoming National Guard proudly acknowledges Sgt. Evan Bradley of the 67th Army Band for his outstanding contribution to the force’s recruitment efforts. Sgt. Bradley has received the esteemed first referral incentive of $500 for successfully enlisting a friend into the Wyoming National Guard.

The referral incentive program encourages current members to share their commitment and pride in the National Guard with potential recruits. By referring friends and acquaintances to join the ranks, participants not only support the force’s growth but also have the opportunity to earn rewards.

The Wyoming Military Department extends its gratitude to Sgt. Evan Bradley for his dedication and efforts in promoting the Wyoming National Guard. His involvement in the referral program showcases the spirit of camaraderie and shared responsibility that makes our force strong.

Aspiring to build a robust and united team, the Wyoming National Guard urges other members to follow Sgt. Bradley’s lead and participate in the referral incentive program. Together, they can foster a community of service, honor, and commitment.

For more information about the referral incentive program and how to participate, interested parties can reach out to Office of State Military Affairs or SMA at 307-777-8161 Or visit the website at:

About the Wyoming National Guard Referral Incentive Program:The primary objective of this program is to incentivize and encourage our esteemed WYNG military members to actively participate in the referral process and help with recruitment efforts. It aims to enhance our peer-to-peer recruiting efforts and maximize successful enlistments into the Wyoming National Guard (WYNG) by establishing a comprehensive program.