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Delta Company Strengthens Combat Readiness with Rigorous Training Exercises

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In May, Delta Co., 1st Battalion, 297th Infantry Regiment executed rigorous training exercises at the training area in Lovell, including convoy operations, situational training exercises, field training exercises, and driver training. Maintaining peak combat efficiency is the goal of these exercises.

The company devoted three days and two nights to the training, reinforcing their defensive positioning, berm drills (alternating fire behind cover), support/attack by fire training, and a wide array of other combat drills. Among the highlights were the drivers’ confidence course and mounted vehicle maneuvering, which proved instrumental in boosting proficiency.

“Even though I didn’t make it up the hill, the course was fun,” stated Pvt. Creston Muffett, a dedicated driver for one of the unit’s high-mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicles. “I still learned valuable lessons, and my confidence in driving a Humvee has significantly improved.” The drivers’ training included challenging tasks, such as navigating steep inclines, testing the Soldiers’ skills.

As part of their ongoing readiness, Delta Co. intensively prepared for live-fire operations, which take place at the end of July, with preliminary training completed in June.

Capt. Eric Rush, the commanding officer of Delta Co., commended the dedication and professionalism displayed by the troops during the training. He was proud of the Soldiers’ commitment to maintaining the highest combat standards. He emphasized the importance of such training in ensuring the unit’s readiness for any potential mission.

The company looks forward to honing its lethality and enhancing cohesion in the live-fire exercises. As they continue to push their operational capabilities to new heights, Delta Co. remains steadfast in their commitment to serving and protecting the nation.

May 2023 Delta Co. Annual Training