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Wyoming Army National Guard Hosts ESGR Boss Lift

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. – Employers of Wyoming Army National Guard Soldiers had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the experience of being a guard member firsthand during the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve Boss Lift on June 2. The event, hosted by Wyoming Army National Guard in Cheyenne, Wyo., showcased various activities, including flights in a UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter, engaging discussions with Wyoming Army National Guard leadership, sampling Meal’s Ready to Eat, and hands-on experiences with different weapons.

The day aimed to bridge the gap between the civilian workforce and the military world, offering employers a firsthand understanding of the unique challenges, skills, and dedication demonstrated by their Wyoming Army National Guard employees. ESGR’s goal is to foster a deeper appreciation among employers for the invaluable contributions of Guard and Reserve members.

“Without the support of our civilian employers and communities, we can not effectively do our jobs,” said Col. Toby Alkire, Chief of Staff for the Wyoming Army National Guard. “The boss lift is our way of recognizing those employers that have gone above and beyond in supporting our Soldiers.”

The highlight of boss lift was a thrilling helicopter flight, allowing employers to witness the UH-60 Blackhawk pilots’ precision and skill as they soared above scenic landscapes. This experience gave employers with insight into the complexity and expertise required in Army aviation.

Throughout the event, employers engaged in insightful conversations with Wyoming Army National Guard leadership, who shared personal experiences, emphasized the significance of military service, and highlighted the transferable skills Guard and Reserve members bring to their civilian jobs. These interactions deepened employers’ understanding of the unique qualities and strengths developed through military service.

To provide an authentic experience, employers had the opportunity to sample MREs, gaining firsthand knowledge of the portable meals that sustain Soldiers during deployments. This immersive activity allowed employers to appreciate the resourcefulness and adaptability required in challenging environments.

The day concluded with employers handling and familiarizing themselves with a range of weapons used by the Wyoming Army National Guard. Under the guidance of trained professionals, employers gained a newfound respect for the precision, discipline, and responsibility involved in military operations. 

Wyoming’s ESGR chapter and the Wyoming Army National Guard continue to cultivate strong relationships between employers and their military employees, ensuring a harmonious and supportive work environment that honors the service and dedication of our nation’s Guard and Reserve members.

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