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Home » Wyoming National Guard’s Spc. Luke Harrison Triumphs at Region VI Best Warrior Competition, Advances to National Stage

Wyoming National Guard’s Spc. Luke Harrison Triumphs at Region VI Best Warrior Competition, Advances to National Stage

Spc Harrison Best Warrior
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. – The Wyoming National Guard is thrilled to announce the outstanding achievement of Spc. Luke Harrison, who emerged victorious at the Region VI Best Warrior Competition held at Fort Harrison, Mont., May 20, 2023.
Spc. Luke Harrison, along with Cpl. Samuel Buckwalter, showcased unparalleled dedication and resilience throughout the grueling event. The Region VI Best Warrior Competition brought together fifteen exceptional Soldiers from across the region, pitting them against each other in a series of demanding challenges that tested their physical fitness, tactical proficiency, and mental acuity. Both Harrison and Buckwalter fought valiantly, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to excellence.
Spc Harrison Best Warrior
However, it was Harrison’s extraordinary skills, unwavering determination, and exceptional performance that earned him the coveted title of Soldier of the Year. His ability to excel under pressure, coupled with his unmatched expertise, set him apart from his fellow competitors and solidified his well-deserved victory.

Harrison’s triumph is a testament to the Wyoming National Guard’s unwavering commitment to fostering the growth and development of its Soldiers. Additionally, his victory showcases the high caliber of individuals within the Wyoming National Guard, reflecting the values of discipline, resilience, and professionalism that are ingrained in the organization’s ethos.

As a result of his exceptional achievement, Spc. Luke Harrison will be representing the Wyoming National Guard at the upcoming National Guard Best Warrior Competition. This prestigious event, hosted by the Alaska National Guard in July 2023, will bring together the finest warriors from across the nation to compete for the ultimate title.
Spc Harrison Best Warrior
“We are immensely proud of Spc. Luke Harrison’s exceptional performance at the Region VI Best Warrior Competition. His dedication, skills, and unwavering spirit exemplify the core values of the Wyoming National Guard,” stated Command Sgt. Maj. Lindsay Schmidt, State Command Sergeant Major of the Wyoming Army National Guard. 

“We have every confidence that Spc. Harrison will continue to make us proud as he competes in the National Guard Best Warrior Competition. His unwavering commitment to excellence serves as an inspiration to all our Soldiers.” 

The Wyoming National Guard extends its heartfelt congratulations to Spc. Luke Harrison on his remarkable achievement and wishes him the best as he prepares to represent the state and the organization at the national level. The entire Wyoming community stands behind him, ready to offer their unwavering support as he embarks on this next chapter in his journey.