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Military Service to the Crown: Soldier Named Miss Wyoming USA 2023

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. – In a stunning display of talent, poise, and military service, Sergeant Rebecca Bridger of the Wyoming Army National Guard’s 67th Army Band made history by winning the Miss Wyoming USA 2023 title on May 13 at the CAM-PLEX Heritage Center Theater in Gillette. Bridger, known as Beck, captivated the hearts and minds of her fellow service members and the entire state with her remarkable journey from Soldier to beauty queen.

“I am overwhelmed with gratitude and excitement having won the Miss Wyoming USA 2023 title,” she expressed. “Not only did I work incredibly hard leading up to the competition weekend, but I also had the opportunity of working with amazing members of the community of Sheridan, Wyoming, who poured into my preparation each step of the way.”

The 27-year-old Soldier from Sheridan possesses a radiant charisma and captivating stage presence that stood out throughout the Miss Wyoming USA pageant. In addition to her musical prowess as a vocalist in the Army Band, she has consistently demonstrated an unwavering commitment to her military duties and the community.

Through her Warrior Women Project, Bridger plays a crucial role in supporting aspiring females entering military service by offering guidance, insights, and resources. Notably, she previously claimed the title of Miss Wyoming 2018 and participated in Miss America 2019.

She displayed resilience by balancing rigorous military training and responsibilities with demanding pageant preparations. Navigating a challenging schedule of drills, rehearsals, and community service commitments, she attributes her success to determination and the unwavering support of her community.

“It’s said that success isn’t necessarily about the outcome, but rather, the journey along the way. When you learn how to maximize your potential, the final outcome is truly the icing on the cake,” Bridger remarked.

As Miss Wyoming USA, Bridger plans to raise awareness about women’s crucial contributions to the military and their unique challenges. She also aims to inspire young women across the state to fearlessly pursue their dreams in various domains, including the military and pageantry.

“My life’s purpose is much greater than myself; I trust that I’ve been called to be a light for women around the world. I pray that my story ignites a flame for women to achieve anything they set their minds to, whether wearing the Army Combat Uniform or the Miss Wyoming USA sash and crown,” she said.

With her grace, courage, and strength, Bridger embodies the epitome of achievement as she transitions from the Wyoming Army National Guard to the Miss Wyoming USA stage. Her extraordinary journey is a testament to the boundless potential of individuals within the armed forces, continuously pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Now, as Bridger prepares for the ultimate prize of competing for the title of Miss USA this fall in Reno, Nev., she stands as a shining example of the unique combination of strength, beauty, and unwavering commitment that defines amazing women in the military who represent their states on the national stage.