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Wyoming Guard Leaders meet with Platte County and Community Leaders

The Camp Guernsey Base Operations Manager and Wyoming National Guard senior leaders met with Guernsey and Hartville civic leaders, Platte County Commissioners, and several community members on Thursday, Dec 7 to provide an update on the Camp’s master plan and upcoming initiatives.

Robby Cain, the Base Operations Manager, shared Camp Guernsey’s mission and vision as a joint maneuver training center to provide safe training opportunities to service members in support of crucial pre-mobilization requirements. He provided an overview of Camp Guernsey’s 25-year investment strategy and plans, which included wild-land firefighting preparations and improvements, the current fire-house, billeting, lighting, improved internet, and energy upgrade needs. Cain shared that an upcoming camp initiative will increase the number of beds available for billeting on the post, “we currently have roughly thirteen hundred beds available to support units who come here to train. We are looking at building space for about 3500 beds which will support brigade-size training elements and allow us to better support unit training for future conflicts.”

The National Guard leaders emphasized that this shift in facilities modernization and growth will increase the number and sizes of units coming to Guernsey to train. In addition, it will likely bring a positive economic impact to the surrounding communities. Groundbreaking on a one- hundred-thirty-bed barracks will begin in April of 2023.

Major General Gregory Porter, the Adjutant General of Wyoming, added “with the Army’s shift away from the low-intensity conflicts of the last twenty-two years, we are move back to a large-scale ground combat operations mindset and must reflect that here in Guernsey. This switch will provide units with training and facilities for that large scale fight.”

Another initiative the Guard leaders discussed with community leaders and members is the modernization of the Camp Guernsey Fire House, which is scheduled for several upgrades and improvements to meet firefighting requirements better. These changes will better serve the Guard’s partnership with the county fire warden in serving Guernsey and surrounding communities. Camp Guernsey’s collaboration with the town of Guernsey brings several benefits, such as financial support to dispatch and second-page callouts to off-post needs. Additionally, Cain emphasized that the Camp Guernsey Operations office communicates weekly with the county fire warden to ensure consistent communication on the smoke and fire-producing training events conducted in the Camp Guernsey training areas.

Hartville Mayor pro-tem-elect, Lani Lee, commented, “I hope the partnership with Camp Guernsey fire department and our county fire marshal continues the way it is now. It seems to work well, and we appreciate the involvement in this partnership.”

Another initiative of mutual interest discussed during this meeting is the pending property swap of the JTEC building next to the Guernsey airstrip and the town burn pit. Colonel James Ezell, the Wyoming Army National Guard Construction and Facilities Manager, updated on this property swap, stating, “Appraisals on both properties are complete. We plan to meet with Guernsey town leaders in January to discuss several details and begin drafting the memorandum of understanding. This property swap is currently in a good place, and we look forward to finalizing the agreement.”

Guernsey Mayor-elect, Ed Delgado, was among the community and county leaders in attendance at the meeting. He said, “This was a good meeting. I learned a lot. It seems like the camp is coming back around to help the community. We’re on the right foot.” The meeting concluded with a discussion on commitments for future meetings to ensure clear communication with community leaders on Camp Guernsey’s activities and initiatives.


Wyoming Guard Leaders meet with Platte County and Community Leaders