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Four Challenge Programs in Various States Offer Placement for Wyoming Cowboy Challenge Cadets

Following the indefinite closure of the resident portion of the Wyoming Cowboy Challenge Academy in Guernsey, Wyo., on Sept. 13, staff have worked tirelessly to provide continuing education options for affected cadets. Three states have offered immediate placement in their program, and one has offered placement in their future class starting in January.

Idaho, California, and Montana Challenge programs have agreed to enroll cadets immediately into their classes to continue forward in the program to graduate in December 2022. The Nevada Challenge program has agreed to enroll all the remaining cadets into the class starting in January 2023. The cadets accepted into the canceled January WCCA class received the same offer to attend the next Nevada class. The Wyoming Military Department will provide transportation.
Of the 63 cadets in class 46, 32 have elected to participate in another challenge program, including 3 joining the Nevada class in January. The 31 remaining cadets will have remote options for either credit recovery or to prepare for a High School Equivalency test. Some have elected to return to their high school.
The WYMD is providing Chromebooks to cadets needing internet‐capable devices to continue their education, and teachers will remain on staff to assist the cadets remotely.
The cadets who chose to enroll in the Idaho, California and Montana programs have been transported to and are currently in their new programs’ acclimation phase.
For the cadets that have elected to continue their education remotely, individual plans have been developed and provided to the cadets and their guardians.

No cost will be incurred for class 46 cadets testing their high school equivalency.