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Exploring the Casper Army Air Base at August Family Fun Day

The Wyoming Veterans Memorial Museum will explore the history and buildings of the World War II Casper Army Air Base during its August Family Fun Day. The free children’s program is Saturday, Aug. 13, from 10 a.m. until noon at the Veterans Museum. Participants will learn more about the base that trained over 16,000 bomber crew members. Many of the buildings from the old base remain today.

The Casper Army Air Base was one of many Army Air Force bases built during World War II. It opened in September 1942 and began training bomber crews a few months later. During its peak, the base had nearly 5,000 people living and working out of about 400 buildings. The base closed in 1945 and sat in mothballs until the Army transferred it to Natrona County in 1949.
The Veterans Museum’s Family Fun Day program is geared toward elementary-age children. The Museum requests that a parent or legal guardian accompany their child. Visitors can drop in anytime during the program to take part. For more information, contact the Veterans Museum at 307-472-1857 for any questions about Family Fun Days.