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Newly renovated warehouse reopens on Camp Guernsey

After a year of renovations, the U.S. Property and Fiscal Office warehouse at Camp Guernsey Joint Training Center officially reopened its doors in a ribbon-cutting ceremony on May 27, 2022. The warehouse supports a critical function in the Wyoming Army National Guard by issuing essential Soldier equipment and gear.

The upgrades include a modern interior with additional office spaces, professional areas for staff to work out of, and an improvement in energy efficiency that will allow the building to be a valuable facility for many more years to come.
“This creates a safe and clean environment for the employees within the warehouse,” said Maj. William Lindmier, the Construction and Facilities Management Office deputy director. “That’s the critical take-away that we wanted to recognize here.”
The USPFO also utilizes two more buildings next to it, storing gear and equipment overflow. An added pathway connects the buildings and makes it easier to move gear from one building to another.
“This allows for more efficient use of our time and a new way to store and issue gear,” said Chief Warrant Officer 4 Travis Reinhardt, supervisory logistics management specialist.
Support from State Legislature and the State Construction Division allowed the CFMO to utilize state funds to help with the renovation. This approval also paves the way for future projects, including a new ammunition supply building and new barracks on Camp Guernsey, and further renovations to armories across the state.
“I want to thank everybody who had a hand in making this happen,” said Reinhardt. “It’s a big deal.”
The Camp Guernsey projects will break ground within the next year.