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WCCA enlists Number 34 for substance abuse services

The Wyoming Cowboy Challenge Academy, via the Wyoming Military Department, has formalized an agreement with Number 34 LLC, a counseling firm based in Torrington, Wyoming, to provide substance abuse counseling for students enrolled at the academy.

The agreement allows WCCA to refer families to Number 34 for substance abuse counseling for their students if such a need exists. The counseling will occur in a group setting held in 12 weekly one-hour sessions during WCCA’s 22-week residential phase at Camp Guernsey. A licensed therapist will facilitate the course on WCCA’s campus, and students’ private medical insurance or grant funding will pay for the service.
Students who complete the 12-hour program will receive a certificate signed by the facilitator, reflecting successful completion of the course.
“In entering this partnership with Number 34, we hope to provide an additional layer of support for potential applicants who struggle with addiction,” said David Salazar, the academy’s deputy director.
Since WCCA itself is not a treatment facility, the partnership with Number 34 qualifies the academy as a Level .5 (early intervention) and Level 1 (outpatient) program on the Continuum of Care as defined by the American Society of Addiction Medicine. The unique residential structure of WCCA, coupled with its drug-free policies and drug awareness curricula, further helps teens struggling with addiction to succeed in overcoming their habits over WCCA’s 22-week residential phase.
WCCA is an accredited quasi-military residential academy that works with nontraditional learners ages 16 to 18. The academy’s mission is to help young men and women overcome barriers to success and learn self-discipline, physical fitness, leadership, and respect to become successful adults. The academy’s next class begins July 11. To learn more about the academy, visit