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Camp Guernsey’s Ed Dawson awarded WYMD State Employee of the Year

The Wyoming Military Department proudly presents the State Employee of the Year award to Mr. Ed Dawson.

Dawson currently works for the Department of Public Works on Camp Guernsey. He was an instrumental asset in direct support of the Baldy Mountain Fire in July last year.
On July 19, 2021, Dawson organized his crew of state public works personnel to coordinate mission-critical fuel resupply operations, allowing Wildland Firefighters to continue firefighting operations without delay. Later that same day, Ed responded again to a call to cut a mission-critical fire break to ensure reduced burned acreage and safe operations of over 20 civilian and military wildland firefighters.
“That night, I thought we had it worked, and even going into the next day, but then it sparked up again, and that’s when it went into the neighbors’,” said Dawson.
A couple of days later, Dawson sacrificed his time and responded to a disabled fire asset stranded in the North Training Area. Mr. Dawson tirelessly worked to restore the vehicle’s mobility and get it onto Camp Guernsey Cantonment so that the vehicle could be recovered by the civilian agency and resume lifesaving operations.
“There were definitely some touchy moments,” said Dawson, “like cutting in the new dozer line they hit some unexploded ordinance.”
Dawson humbly speaks about his accomplishments and contributes to the success of supporting the Baldy Mountain Fire to the whole team.
“I wasn’t in the Danger Zone as much as I feel other people were, and I think other people did just as much, if not more than I did. There were great people there and a lot of help. Although new to that area, Sgt. 1st Class Cody David did an amazing job. Staff Sgt. Dustin Merchen was out there every day busting his butt every bit as I was, if not more. So it was good to see everyone come together when needed.”
Dawson said the most significant benefit of his job is “knowing that I can help make it a safe and better place for the troops to train. It’s being given the opportunity to help them out anywhere I can.”