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Getting to know Camp Guernsey’s newest battalion commander: Lt. Col. Cole Kelly

Camp Guernsey Joint Training Center welcomes Lt. Col. Cole Kelly as the new commander for the 1st Modular Training Battalion, 213th Regional Training Institute in Guernsey, Wyo. Having assumed command on Nov. 7, Kelly is responsible for training Field Artillery non-commissioned officers, Raven un-crewed aerial vehicle operators, and military instructors at Camp Guernsey’s RTI.

Kelly joined the Wyoming Guard 20 years ago to pay for college and gain on-the-job experience. He graduated from the University of Wyoming with a Bachelor’s degree in History and received his commission through the university’s Reserve Officers’ Training Corps. His favorite part about serving in the Guard, and why he stays, is because of the people.

“Some of the best Soldiers, NCOs, and Officers I’ve worked with are in the Wyoming National Guard,” he says.

Having lived in Wyoming for 34 years, Kelly’s favorite aspect is the proximity to the mountains and the Denver International Airport, which allows him to travel or do anything that comes to mind without too much hassle.

What surprises him most about the Guard are the numerous opportunities. His most memorable working in and out of the Pentagon on national-level issues at the National Guard Bureau in Arlington, Va.

“The opportunities for education, experience, and growth are more than I expected,” he says, from active duty tours around the world, serving at the state and national level, to working with Wyoming citizens. “The teamwork, education, and experiences are the best things the Guard can provide.”