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Home » Delta Company completes successful training exercise at Camp Guernsey Joint Training Center

Delta Company completes successful training exercise at Camp Guernsey Joint Training Center

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Delta Company’s 1st Battalion, 297th Infantry Regiment, concluded an intensive and successful training exercise at Camp Guernsey Joint Training Center on July 31, showcasing their commitment to maintaining the highest standard of combat efficiency.

During the culmination of several drills, the Soldiers of Delta Co. engaged in Convoy Operations, Gunnery Live Fire Exercises (LFX), drivers training, and Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) to enhance their combat skills. The exercise spanned three days and two nights in the field, marking the second annual training for the year 2023.

A significant milestone achieved during this exercise was the execution of the first-ever heavy weapons company maneuver live fire in Wyoming Army National Guard history. Delta Co. Soldiers demonstrated exceptional competence and safety in handling complex engagements, thereby strengthening their confidence in their weapons systems and within their crews, ultimately bolstering the company’s overall lethality.

“The company continues to impress with their administrative, tactical, and readiness proficiency,” remarked Capt. Eric Rush, the commander of Delta Co. “The unit’s commitment to excellence and consistent growth has been evident throughout the training exercise.”

The exercise also emphasized effective communication and maneuvering among squads, fostering a strong sense of cohesion among the Soldiers. The individual Soldiers had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with their weapon systems further as they meticulously cleaned their heavy machine guns in preparation for the LFX.

Pfc. Connor Demitz, a gunner from 2nd platoon, expressed his excitement about participating in the LFX, stating, “Seeing our rounds impact those targets and maneuvering those vehicles was by far the coolest thing.”

Beyond honing combat skills, the training exercise also emphasized the importance of building camaraderie and brotherhood within the unit. Sgt. 1st Class Taylor Tobar, acting 1st Sgt. for Delta Co., highlighted the positive developments within the unit, stating, “I can see the men growing closer together and creating an environment where they want to be here. Overall, that’s the starting point for any successful organization. When these guys walk away from this training exercise, I hope they understand the importance of camaraderie and brotherhood.” The Infantrymen under his command wholeheartedly agreed.

Spc. Keegan Watts, a gunner from 1st platoon, added, “We’re at a stage right now where everybody is a tight family. Every time we see each other, we’re able to build a stronger connection.”

Delta Co.’s remarkable performance during this training exercise underscores its dedication to excellence and readiness for future challenges. As they returned from the field, their spirits were high, and their camaraderie stronger than ever, showcasing the true essence of a cohesive and proficient military unit.

Delta Company complete successful training exercise at Camp Guernsey Joint Training Center