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Soldier Spotlight: Sgt. 1st Class Tyler Neff

You might expect the newest member of the Inspector General team to come from justice or judicial backgrounds, but the ability to break those assumptions and bring unique skill sets to different disciplines is one of the greatest strengths of the National Guard.  Sgt. 1st Class Tyler Neff demonstrates that strength. 

Neff joins our team after 14 years of service as a combat medic, he previously used those skills to serve as a firefighter paramedic in McCook Nebraska, but now brings that experience and his love of public service to help Wyoming’s Inspector General in advising, investigating, and training the National Guard.

Neff set aside a few minutes to talk to me about his time in the guard, and what brought him to the Wyoming Military Department.

Q:  Why did you join the National Guard?
A: I thought it would help me find some direction for my life, which it has done.

Q: What do you do for the Wyoming National Guard?
A: I am an Inspector General NCO, we assist in investigating accusations, inspecting for accountability, assisting soldiers, and training.

Q: What do you think is the greatest benefit of being in the National Guard?
A: Camaraderie, that feeling of family and brotherhood.  It’s good to have people you can rely on, and having those people rely on you in return.

Q: How has being a member of the National Guard benefitted you and your local community?
A: After receiving training as a medic through the guard I was able to take those skills back to my hometown and become a firefighter paramedic.

Q: What surprised you about the Guard?
A:  I was surprised by the number of options available, not just in careers, but in training opportunities.

Q: What is your most memorable military moment?
A: Deploying as a flight medic, not to get to far into specifics, but it was a good experience for me

Q: How long have you lived in Wyoming?
A: 3 months

Q: What is your favorite part about living here so far?
A:  I have really enjoyed the small-town values, combined with the feel of a larger city

Q: What is your favorite part about serving in the Wyoming Army National Guard?
A:  I would say helping people, I have always been a public servant at heart, and being in a position to help people when they are having trouble is rewarding.

The Inspector General’s Office mission is to provide impartial, objective, and unbiased advice and oversight to the Army through relevant, timely, and thorough inspections, assistance, investigations, and training to promote and enable stewardship, accountability, integrity, efficiency, good order & discipline and enhance total Army readiness.