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Employee Spotlight: Mike Walker, Senior Plumber

The Wyoming Military Department is proud to announce Mike Walker as the recipient of the WyMD State Employee of the Quarter award for Q3 of 2020.

As the Senior Plumber for the 153d Civil Engineer Squadron, Mike annually tests and repairs all 76 backflow preventers on base. He also maintains the backflow prevention assembly testers certification. In October, Mike hit his seven-year mark with the WyMD. 

For Mike, the best part about working here is the pride that comes with the position. Working to maintain the plumbing infrastructure of the Wyoming Air National Guard base in Cheyenne and the care and maintenance of fire suppression systems; especially of the aircraft hangers.

Mike is being recognized for seeing an issue and stepping in. After a private contractor completed an inspection of the building’s fire suppression systems, the inspector identified a possible problem. With this information, Mike did some research and was able to troubleshoot the possible problem with some testing procedures. Not only did Mike find there was not a problem with the system in question, but he also saved the organization $40,000 in repairs that the contractor estimated. Furthermore, Mike also has maintained a 94% work order completion rate within 30 days.