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Financial resources available for WyARNG Soldiers during COVID-19

By Spc. Kristina Kranz, 197th Public Affairs Detachment

LARAMIE, Wyo. – In these unprecedented times, Soldiers are having to change their way of life in order to adapt to rapidly changing situations. This is on top of the always present risk of being deployed. Because of this, financial issues are a real concern for Soldiers and their families. What Soldiers may not know is that there are several options available to them if they are in need of financial assistance or advice.

Whether a Soldier has been laid off, in need assistance with loans or options to create a budget, there are financial resources available for Wyoming Army National Guard Soldiers, free of charge.

One such resource in the state is the personal financial counselor, Mr. Glenn Lyons. They provide free, confidential financial counseling. Counseling which can give Soldiers the knowledge to better handle any financial situation like budgeting, spending, saving for retirement or even advice on major purchases like home or auto loans.

Other services provided can help with debt issues, credit management, insurance or any other issues of a financial nature.

Another useful resource is the Wyoming Military Department website. Soldiers can find links and contact information for additional financial resources, especially for those who have been affected by COVID-19 layoffs. There is information available to help with filing for unemployment, as well as filing for different means of financial assistance. This information can be found under the “Families & Employers” section.

Another web resource available to service members is Military OneSource for everything from career to financial information. Up to six counseling sessions can be provided for free. Wyoming’s Military OneSource consultant is Mr. Dave Stephens.

There are also free podcasts available on the Wyoming Military Department website specifically devoted to financial information. For the most recent financial podcasts, visit:

If anyone has questions about financial situations, or would like to learn about the options Soldiers have for financial assistance, please contact Mr. Glenn Lyons at 307-772-5362 or Mr. Dave Stephens at 307-772-5363 or visit: