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New Soldiers are inducted into their units

There was a celebration Friday, Sept. 6, with the Wyoming Army National Guard as newly graduated Soldiers from the Recruit Sustainment Program (RSP), gathered in the K. Luke Reiner auditorium at the Joint Forces Readiness Center in Cheyenne, Wyo. to be inducted into their units.

The Soldiers who recently completed Basic Training and Advanced Individual Training are now ready to take the skills they have learned to their units in the Wyoming Army National Guard. This “Gold Phase” is the last RSP drill the Soldiers will attend before they are sent off to their unit.

Today marked the first official transition ceremony sending the new Soldiers to their new units. Previously, Gold Phase was completed with much less fanfare, taking place as an unofficial transition during a regular drill weekend. The ceremony, led by Capt. Leslie Brazil, began with the official party introduction.

The official party consisted of the Adjutant General Maj. Gen. Gregory Porter, Recruiting and Retention Battalion Commander, Lt. Col. Mike Pezeshki, State Command Sgt. Maj. Harold Pafford, and Command Sgt. Maj. John Valasek.

Brazil spoke of the recent achievements of the RSP Soldiers including the completion of the RSP program, Basic Training and Advanced Individual Training which makes the Soldiers qualified in their Military Occupation Specialty.

Maj. Gen. Porter, the guest speaker, took a moment to talk personally with the Soldiers. He jumped down from the stage and stood directly in front of the Soldiers to congratulate them on their accomplishments. “You are the sword and the shield of the National Guard,” Porter said.

He wanted them to focus on three things: strength, responsiveness and partnerships. “You show that you are a cut above a lot of your peers, mentally, morally, physically. And that’s good for our communities,” Porter said. He went on to explain to the Soldiers they are the future of our National Guard and offered his congratulations again.

The Soldiers were called up one by one to the stage and received a certificate from Maj. Gen. Porter, a coin from Lt. Col. Pezeshki, and shook hands with the rest of the party. There was laughter from the crowd as the unit leaders threw their old patches either into the crowd or on the floor, and slapped the new patch on the Soldier’s arm.

After receiving their certificate and thanks, the Soldiers were presented to the crowd. Amid big applause, many warm welcomes were given by Non-Commissioned Officers and Officers alike to the Soldiers. Now, officially a part of their unit, they will go off to do great things for the Wyoming Army National Guard.