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WYANG Traditional Jobs

These jobs are for current Air National Guard members. If you are interested in any one of these and want to join, please CLICK HERE to get started or call a recruiter at 307-772-6333.

ASFC Job Desc. Maximum Grade Closing Date
5R071 153AW, Chaplains Assistant E-7 11Aug22
1C351 153AW, Command Post E-5 11Aug22
1A191 (must hold 7 lvl) 187AS, Flight Engineer E-8 15Aug22
65F3 153CPTF, Budget Officer O-4 24Aug22
R21R3 253SPTS, Commander O-4 25Aug22
2S000 153LRS, Chief of Supply E-9 30Sep22
2S071 153LRS, Material Handler E-6 31Aug22
C11M3B 153OSS, Commander O-5 31Aug22
8F000 153AMS, First Sergeant E-7 Until Filled
1C351 153AW, C2 Operations Controller E-5 Until Filled

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